Python + IoT Programming

Python is currently one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Python is an extremely promising programming language for a number of reasons, but mostly because, in general, it allows a company to roll out products much faster than almost any other. Writing a program in Python is often five to six times faster than writing the same program in other languages.

The demand for Python specialists keeps growing at an incredible rate, and a company that manages to hire a team of skilled Python professionals will get an important advantage over the competition.

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The course is designed to provide essential knowledge of Internet of Things and Python Programming. Python is an open-source programming language which is easy to master, use and deploy. It is embeddable, portable, and expandable. IoT is the fastest growing technology, with the increased demand for the skilled professionals worldwide.

This new course curriculum and practical’s are designed by UXBS Expertise and delivered at our state of art facility by the Subject Matter Experts.


Basic understanding of high level Programming language like C/C++

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What is Internet of Things

Need for IoT

Its application and future

Introduction to OOPS Concepts

About Python

Python interpreter and working environment

Syntax and Style

Conditional constructs, Lists, Tuples

Sequences and dictionaries

Indexing and Slicing to access datas

Loops and Decision Statements in pythons


Classes and Objects

Inheritance and overriding

Exception Handling, Custom Types

Modules and Packaging

Highlights of the Standard Library

Interfaces to databases

Introduction to Basics of Electronicss

IoT Hardware(Raspberry Pi,Aurduino),

About Sensor – Digital and Analog Sensors.

Concept of Communication protocol and wireless Technology

Sensor interfacing with IoT Hardware .

Smart home Application using Web URL.

Data monitoring and Analysis Using Cloud platform.

Certificate Title

Certification of Excellence on Python Programming Issued by UX Business Solutions